Nairobi to Ashnil Mara Camp by Road


Hello 🙂

I will be travelling (by myself) to Kenya in April and I am planning to stay at Masai Mara for 3 nights (April 1 to April 4 2021). I will be staying at Ashnil Mara Camp. I am booking everything myself and not booking anything through any travel agency. I have a few questions :

  • 1. What are the affordable ways to travel to Ashnil Mara Camp from Nairobi? (by road cause flights are too expensive for me)
  • 2. Should I book the car/van in advance or is it better to reach Nairobi and ask around?

Also since I am travelling by myself I don’t mind traveling to the camp with a bigger group if it helps reduce the cost.

Any advice is appreciated 🙂

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    Its always better to book in advance and keep in mind its not so easy to book with others – most now days book as friends, family etc . You might be lucky and find others going exactly where you are but it is rare. Be very careful who you book with – there are a lot of people/companies who offer “special deals” but upon arrival you find they are not want you had wanted or thought they were. Advertising can be misrepresented easily.

    You will want a company that knows what they are doing – use KATO to find find quality company to book thru.

    There lot of rains in the Mara and the road inside the reserve going to Ashnil is quite muddy around April – I would recommend making sure you book a 4×4 – preferably a Land Cruiser vs Minivan. I live in the Mara – if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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