Nairobi to Dar-es-salaam by Bus


I intend to travel from Nairobi to Dar-es-salaam by Bus for to have a good scenery of the country side. What type of Buses are available and associated fares. Where does one board these buses and the estimated start off and arrival time in Dar-es-salaam.

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  1. There are few buses doing that route, Tahmeed bus company, Dar express Company, Dar Lux company and Sai baba bus company. Both are doing well but I vote more for Tahmeed, Dar lux and Dar express company.

    It cost around 30 usd for one way ticket (Nairobi – Dar es salaam) and remember you will spend about 17 hours on the road/driving. We have so many small town along the highway whereby you cant drive more than 50kms drive per hour. If you have good budget, flying is the best option.

    According to my experience I would advise you book with Dar Lux as they everyday depart from Nairobi directly to Dar es Salaam

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