Night game drive in Tanzania


I asked about night game drives because I’d heard they were great, but our TO said they’d been receiving negative feedback: too cold and dusty. What do you think?

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    It’s a whole different world out there at night, with stuff around you’d never see by day. And some of the wildlife you do see by day behaves quite differently.  it’s a different roll of the dice every time, and on some drives you might come up comparatively empty — but that’s the case by day as well.

    Tarangire is a great place to do a night game drive just to see the stars if nothing else, genet cats, bat eared foxes, Impala, African Wild cat, and a few birds. It is a great experience so different to what you experience during the day.

    I think they are great and would do one, maybe the To has you staying at a lodge that don’t do them and therefore it would be complicated

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