Night Safari in Uganda


Does anybody have information about Night Safaris in the National Parks?

I’m hoping to see (if they can be found in Uganda.) Aardvark, Caracal, Pangolin and Serval.

If they are in Uganda which Park is most likely to produce sightings.

Yes, I know there is no guarantee

Thank you in advance for help offered

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  1. Night Drives are permitted in most of Uganda’s National Parks at the discretion of the Park Rangers. Expect to pay a fee over and above the Park fee and often you have to take a Park Ranger along with you.
    As you say what you see is largely a matter of luck and is usually confined to Mongoose, Genets and Porcupines. Bushbabies (Galago) are possible as are night birds.
    Larger mammals include lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and most antelope that are resident in that particular park.
    Of the four you mention I have only seen Serval in Uganda and I think Caracal and Ardvark are more dry country species so not in Uganda and Pangolin are forest dwelling.

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