October visit to Tanzania


Planning a oct 16-28 trip to Tanzania. Are there any disadvantages to visiting at this time? THX

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  1. I think October is one of the better months if there is one, dry wildlife easily seen around the available water, especially the Tarangire River so Tarangire is a must.The migration will be up North well worth a visit.

    There are a few places I wouldn’t stay or visit, the Western Corridor if on a short trip although there is some great resident game.

    I wouldn’t stay at Tarangire Treetops it will be really dry and nothing much to see or Maramboi for that matter, both well away from the Tarangire River and swamp activity.

    if you have less than 10 days skip Ndutu it will be a real dust bowl with only a few Thomson gazelles for company, cheetah will be there but hard to locate, I also would go to the new Lemala Nanyuki it will also be dry and apart from cheetah wildlife will be sparse. Keep to Tarangire Ngorongoro central Seronera and for the migration go up North.

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