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I’m planning my first trip to Botswana in January 06. I’ve been advised to avoid the Okavango Delta that time of year as it is too hot and humid and that the delta is low and therefore less interesting for game viewing. It has been suggested that I plan several days at Mashatu Private Game Reserve as well as a river boat game safari on the Chobe River. Any thoughts?

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  1. Personally, I’d love to see the delta in what’s known as the green time (summer), despite the heat and humidity (and rain). I read that January temperatures at Mashatu reach 35-40 celsius anyway. I’m pretty sure you’ll have a great safari combining Mashatu and the Chobe River, but it would seem a pity to miss out on the delta if you’re doing both the far south and the far north of Botswana. Why not two or three nights at a delta camp as well? Shorten the Chobe section of your trip if you have to sacrifice something.

    The delta has both ‘wet’ camps in areas of permanent water, and ‘dry’ camps. Game viewing and exploring in the former are usually dominated by mokoro (dugout canoe) trips, and in the latter by vehicle, and more wildlife is usually seen in the drier areas. The game may be more dispersed in summer but it’s also the time when the animals have their babies so there are lots of young around. Not all delta camps stay open in summer, but I’m sure those that do won’t disappoint you.

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