PCR test while in the Serengeti


Hi All,

Is there any advice for getting a PCR test while in the Serengeti?

Emirates requires a Negative PCR test taken up to 96hrs before boarding and All of the DSM and Zanzibar labs and hotels I’ve contacted say they the result is 48-72hrs with no offer of expedited testing to =<24hrs. We will be spending most of our time in the Serengeti will only be in DSM 36hrs before we leave so we are having trouble and need to decide either to either reduce our trip to the Serengeti (the whole point of the trip) or try and source a test in the Serengeti that falls within the 96hr test window before we are due to leave.

We will be staying one lodge the Melia near Seronera if that is useful.

Thank you greatly!

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