Popular foods in Tanzania


What are the popular foods in Tanzania? I just want to know what to expect for local foods!


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  1. Popular Food in Tanzania:

    Tanzanian cuisine makes use of the high quality produce found in the country. Vegetables are quite good. Coffee is also popular and delicious throughout the country. Use caution if you consume meats or dairy products as the freshness and quality can be variable. It is best to make sure the meat is thoroughly cooked so as to avoid any potential problems.

    Mtori Soup: This Tanzanian dish is made with plantains and beef. It is most often prepared for breakfast and is cooked over an open fire in a clay pot.
    Nyama Choma:The nyama choma is a specialty of grilled goat meat, very popular in Kenya where it is considered the national dish… also in Tanzania. The expression nyama choma mean « barbecue meat.

    Mchicha: This vegetable stew is a favorite in the country. It is usually prepared with peanuts, spinach, curry, and coconut and is often served with a meat such as fish or beef in it.
    Chips Mayai: Chipsi mayai (Swahili for “chips and eggs”), also known as zege, is a popular street food found in Tanzania, East Africa. In its most basic form, chipsi mayai is a simple potato-egg omelette. It is available in most regions of Tanzania, from the most remote villages to large towns.

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