Power in Tented Camp During Safari


Is there electricity in the camps?

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    Most all lodges (even camps) do have sufficient power to recharge batteries. Just be sure to have the proper adapter plug (the 3-flat prong as used in the UK). Also be sure your charger is dual-voltage (120/240 or only 240v)… if not have a converter in addition to the adapter plug.
    Most camps have generators on site with 220v electricity or they make use of solar panels. The generators are not normally heard by guests as they are run for a couple of hours at a time in the morning and afternoon while guests are enjoying their activities.
    The electricity is used to power ice machines, fridges and freezers that keep the food and drinks cool and fresh. The generator charges batteries that provide the power for the bedroom lights and overhead fans in the rooms. There is plenty of power available to charge batteries for cameras and video cameras, but not for hairdryers and the likes.

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