Preparation of a Great Tanzania Safari


How can my safari become a really great experience?

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    For a good safari, you need several ingredients. A really good guide, a reliable vehicle, good accommodation and a well planned itinerary are the probably the most important elements.
    A good guide is the most crucial person on your safari. Most reputable companies runs a guide training school and therefore they really know what skills a good guide should have!
    There are guides with enough years of experience, they speak fluent English and they know the national parks and roads like their own shirt pocket. Your guide will make sure you travel safely and in good time without getting lost.
    He will also make your experience more profound by sharing his knowledge about the wildlife and culture.
    Most Safari companies have vehicles that are comfortable and well maintained. Good suspension, all the necessary equipment – these cars will get you through muddy patches and over rough roads.
    Getting stuck in the middle of nowhere because your car has broken down is very annoying, and therefore a good car is key.
    All Safari vehicles have a safari roof, which is a hatch in the roof, which can be opened for better viewing and better photographic opportunities.
    Why is a good itinerary so important? If you want to travel to several different national parks and see different places and areas, you need to have a good itinerary which helps you to get the timing right.
    It is not fun to be on the road without break, rushing from one park to the next, never really stopping anywhere long enough.
    Instead, you need an itinerary that allows for enough time to be able appreciate every park you visit, and which helps to plan your travel logistics in such a way that you are not constantly, non-stop on the road, but have enough time to admire and relax.

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