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I am travelling solo to SLNP and my flight reaches Lusaka at 1pm. I wanted to travel on road to Mafue on the same day but not sure what kind of public transport I can avail. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know as the previous post was almost 3 yrs back and I think lot has changed since then

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  1. It’s nearly 700km to Mfuwe from Lusaka. If you land at 1pm by the time you clear immigration it will probably be 2pm. There’s no way you will make it to Mfuwe the same day by any other way than air, and even then the next Proflight is at 16:30.

    Maybe you can try and pre book a bus with one of the companies that run out of Lusaka leaving early in the morning. If you get to Chipata there is a mini bus to Mfuwe but that tends to leave early because of the distance. After lunch they might not get back and there are fewer passengers.

    Flying is expensive but quicker but going by bus is more exciting. Buying dried fish at Luangwa Bridge and a straw hat to keep the sun off your head while on safari. I love that drive.

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