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I’m climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro beginning Oct. 2 (8 day Lemosho route) and am planning on renting a good amount of my gear–especially all the super insulated stuff for summit night.

The rates that our company quoted us seem very inexpensive to rent (about $10-$15 per item) and I’m wondering, how high quality is the rental gear, in people’s experience? Is it company-specific, or are there just rental places at base camp that are open to everybody?

We are climbing with Top Climbers Expedition, if that helps. I’m mostly concerned about warmth for the last couple of nights, so wanting to know that the sleeping bag is warm and good quality, same with the heavy winter jacket, insulated pants, and gloves.

Any experience with renting gear, good or bad?

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    The gear you rent depends on the on the operator you choose, The mid-level and luxury operators use name brand equipment that is made for the harsh environment on Kilimanjaro. The budget operators use old, donated, hand sewn, and/or repaired equipment. There are places in town to rent gear, but it is hit or miss on what they have available. It all depends on how busy it is that time of year.

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