Question about Barranco Wall


Is the rough part something that if you fall over you plunge to your death? Or? The pictures make it look like some of it there’d be a fall to another level of rocks below but not like it’s the edge of a cliff — but is some of it an actual edge like that?

So am I kidding myself that I can do Barranco wall? Can I crawl over especially scary parts or are there too many people in line that would want to kick me right off and out of the way!?


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  1. Hello!

    That’s a tough call. It is not normally an issue for people afraid of heights. But from the sound of things it could be for you.

    Why not consider Rongai Route? Then you would not be confronted by Barranco.

    When are you thinking to travel? If it during slower periods and away from full moons it might not be too crowded so you could have time to take it in a cope. But when it is crowded then I imagine it would not be ideal.

    All the best!

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