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We’ve just discovered Zanzibar as a possible holiday destination and would like answers to some questions if anyone can help and some recommendations.

  • Firstly are vaccinations a necessity? We’re looking to go in 5 weeks.
  • Is it safe?
  • Can you wear shorts/vest tops/ bikinis etc?


Recommendations for places to stay with our 15 year old daughter. Would like a few restaurants/bars to walk to.

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  1. Yellow fever vaccination are required in Zanzibar and Tanzania in general if you are coming from endemic country or have a stop over which exceed 12 hours in a country which yellow fever is common.

    Zanzibar is 100% safe, go ahead with your plans.

    You can wear shorts and vest in stone town areas but not bikini. Zanzibar Island follow Muslims culture and it is a bit different to mainland Tanzania, I would suggest you wear decent clothes while in stone town area and you can wear bikini etc at the beach side whereby big number of people in the surrounded area are tourist.

    For a better beaches try:


    1) Kendwa and Nungwi beaches (are beautiful white sand beaches but a bit busy). For accommodations you can check Gold Zanzibar, Kendwa rocks, Hide away of Nunwgi, La gemma del est, Royal resort, double tree, warere, etc. Kendwa and Nungwi beaches are nearby beaches.

    2) Paje beach . For accommodations you can try Kisiwa on the beach, White sand beach resort etc.

    3) Pwani Mchangani beach (nice white sand beaches, not so much busy). For accommodations try Neptune beach resort, Ocean paradise resortDream of Zanzibar, mapenzi beach club, Melia Zanzibar etc.


    Karibu Zanzibar!

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