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I want to know Questions to Ask Safari Company?  I am planning a 10-days safari thru the  Northern part of Tanzania and am working with a few different guide companies to plan this adventure. I am a novice safari-er so what types of questions should I ask them for comparison? And aside from price, what sets a safari company apart from the rest?

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  1. I would recommend that you ask the following things:

    1. Do they own their own late model, well maintained safari vehicles. You will spend a lot of time in that vehicle and you want it to be mechanically sound and comfortably outfitted. They can be older, as long as they are well maintained. They should be well stocked with extra seat cushions, a cooler, binoculars, outlets to charge batteries and of-course field guides. Mileage should also be unlimited.
    2. Can the company provide you direct contact info for previous clients who can provide a referral? Having a referral source that you can contact directly is better than one that is “passed along” by the company, as those can easily be faked.
    3. Do they own any lodges/accommodations? (If they do, pay attention to whether they are pushing you to those lodges because they are really best for you or because they really want to sell their own properties.)
    4. How are problems handled? Is there assistance 24/7 regardless of where you are in the world?Are they the actual tour operator or are they an agent who is selling the deal to someone on the ground?How do they treat people? Their employees? The country? Do they give back in a major way?

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