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We are planning on flying from Zanzibar to Dar in January 2021, pick up a rental car at the airport in Dar and drive to Mikumi to camp there for some nights and go back to Zanzibar.

I cannot find much information about witch company rents cars at the airport of Dar, if a self drive is possible in Mikumi and weather a 4 wheel drive is recommended? And weather its possible to camp in Mikumi?

Does anybody have experience and can advise me?

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  1. There are tour operators in Dar that can rent you a car without a driver, or even assist you with the drive! You can email us if you need help on that!
    You can self drive in Mikumi, although I would suggest that you go to the ranger station and hire a guide for the day, it won’t be costly and well worth it. S/he will get in the vehicle with you and guide you to where the animals are located. I have self driven in Mikumi several times.
    It is a tarmac road all the way to Mikumi. Take the Morogoro Road out of Dar and keep on that road until you get to Morogoro. At the first roundabout at Morogoro (you will see the bus terminal there) take the exit from the roundabout on the Iringa road and take that road all the way to Mikumi Village on the far side of the Mikumi NP (you will know this by the signs).
    If you intend to stay overnight at Mikumi it will be much less expensive to stay in Mikumi village, where there are 3 good guest houses to stay at, the Genesis Motel, The TanSwiss Hotel, and the VETA hotel (vocational education).

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