Rwanda/Uganda in particular for gorillas


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Me and my wife are considering to go see gorillas in the wild, possibly in both Rwanda and Uganda in one trip. How would you suggest that we organise this? Normally we don’t use travel agencies, but we will consider this for the whole stay if you think it makes sense. We live in Europe and are both young.

Would you even consider rainy season? If the price difference isn’t huge, I would rather opt for a better experience.

How does travel between the two countries work?

Would you recommend spending more time in Rwanda/Uganda, and if yes, doing what? Would you consider the sights of Rwanda/Uganda worthy a lengthy stay, especially compared to what can be experienced in the rest of Africa? For instance, my girlfriend has already had a safari in Tanzania/Kenya.

Thank you

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  1. For Rwanda, it’s relatively easy to go on a gorilla trek, just buy the permit with RDB and once in the country you can organise transport with your local hotel/residence, or numerous travel companies in Kigali,

    As for Uganda, with a complicated road network, I would suggest hire a travel agent to handle your travel in the country as distance may vary and transport options may be a challenge. Uganda is vast compared to Rwanda and has a lot to see, from Bwindi to chimps in Kibale, Tree climbing lions and water rafting in Jinja.

    But as advise, i would talk to travel agent to assist you with the program beforehand and negotiate n the cost for transport and preferred accommodation options. Note: Permits and accommodation are constant, prices don’t change. you just negotiate n the transport part for a stress-free movement.

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