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    In Tanzania you can choose from a wide variety of accommodation. The tourism industry in Tanzania country has become well structured over the years, allowing for all types of accommodation. In the cities and towns are a variety of hotels, resorts and guest houses while the National Parks and reserves provide accommodation in camp sites, bungalows, tented camps of varying luxury and up-market lodges.
    Accommodation options range from private luxury lodges and tented camps to basic adventure camping. From least expensive to most expensive you can expect the following range of options: basic adventure camping in pitched tents, mid-range lodges, mid-range tented camps (permanent and mobile), high-end lodges and camps.
    The difference between a lodge and a tented camp is a lodge is a more traditional room with solid walls while a tented campsite consists of large, luxury tents, situated on a platform, with real beds and en-suite toilets and shower. For a detailed description of the various options.

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