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I’m doing a 10 day (including arrival and departure day) Rongai trek in late September. I’m already spending a bunch of money on the trip with the hike and airfare plus time off work. I’m debating on tacking on a safari after the trek and spending the additional time and money. Has anyone not added a safari and regretted it?

Part of me says I’m going to be there so I should do it and part of me says I’ll be ok without it.

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  1. Hi
    You really will regret it,who know if you will ever pass this way again, every wildlife documentary you watch after being here you will be saying Drat !! why did i not grab the chance…..
    If you are planning the trek in this September, I think you will have extra time to both change your mind and increase your budget to include a safari after the trek. Money comes and goes but memories will remain.
    All the best!

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