Safari before or after Kili climb


Hi all,

Planning a trip to climb Kili later this year. We can only go very-late Oct to early-Dec 2021. I’ve been advised it would be best to do the climb early-Dec due to weather, which would mean if we also do a safari, it will have to be BEFORE the climb.

Most of the itineraries I’ve read on here have people starting off with Kili and then doing the rest of the trip (Safari, Zanzibar, etc) AFTER the climb.

Is there a logistical reason for this? Does it matter which order we do our activities? If it makes a difference, climbing Kili is the bucket-list dream for us and the impetus for the whole trip.

Thanks in advance!


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     Its truly doesn’t real matter what to come first. It has been just like a culture to start with Kilimanjaro trek which is tough side of the trip and finish up with safaris/Zanzibar beach side. I also feel the same, its make sense to start with the tough side of your adventure and finish up with the easiest one.

    Remember no much relaxing in Kilimanjaro trek, it is a bit of challenging yourself compared to safari whereby its 100% relaxing enjoying the days on game drives watching animals and an overnight in a nice lodge/camps or laying in the beach side enjoying swimming and cold drinks etc.

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