Safari Planning Resource Guide


We have compiled a list of many great website links to very useful resources to help you prepare and plan for your safari.

africahunter.gifWeather: Weather Underground provides a very detailed look at current weather conditions, weather forecasts, a history and almanac for predicting average weather conditions during the time while you will be traveling in that part of the world


africahunter.gifMaps: World Atlas of maps, flags and geography facts is the source for custom printed topographic maps or aerial photos


africahunter.gifGoogle Earth: Google Earth lets you fly anywhere on earth to view satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D buildings and even explore galaxies in the sky. You can explore rich geographical content, save your toured places and share with others

Note: If you know the Latitude and Longitude of the camp where you are considering hunting you may be able to check out the camp and the surrounding territory.


africahunter.gif:World Time: Time zone conversions between two cities. This time zone calculator also takes into account daylight saving time (DST), local time zones and adjusts for dates in past or future Time Zone Converter ? Time Difference Calculator.


africahunter.gifSunrise & Sunset Calculator: Sun rising and setting times anywhere in the world Sunrise and Sunset Calculator.


africahunter.gif Moon Phases: Phases of the moon anywhere in the world Moon phases for Lansing, U.S.A. – Michigan in year 2014.


africahunter.gifCurrency Converter:This site provides currency and foreign exchange rates for travelers


africahunter.gifBanknotes: To view images and other info on banknotes of a certain country in Africa Banknote – African Image Gallery – Banknotes of AFRICA.


africahunter.gif: International Dialing Codes: If you need to make a phone call to someone in another country and you are not sure how to dial the number, this site should be helpful to you International Dialing/Area codes calculator.


africahunter.gifDistance Calculator: On this site you can calculate distance between two locations Distance Calculator ? How far is it?.


africahunter.gifWorld Electric Voltage Guide: Make sure to ask your outfitter the power and outlet type that they use as it might be different than the country standard, as their electricity might be supplied by generators and their outlets might differ Voltage Converters – Worlwide / International Voltage Guide.


africahunter.gif Online Conversion Tool: Convert just about any measurement unit to another. Over 5,000 units and 50,000 conversions available


africahunter.gif:All Embassies & Consulates Internationally: A complete searchable database of all embassies and consulates from every country in the world
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