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I was wondering if anyone could help me please in regards to booking a safari for 3 adults in may next year what I am wondering is:

  • #1.  Prices roughly for a 7 day visit
  • #2.  Do I book a tour separately or through someone like virgin
  • #3.  Prices for a gorilla trek
  • #4.  best place to go eg Tanzania

Thanks in advance people 🙂

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  1. The Gorilla permits for Rwanda are twice the cost of Uganda but you need longer in Uganda where as Rwanda can be done in three days, and relatively easily from Tanzania.
    US$ 1500 compared to US$ 700 Uganda for the Gorilla permits alone .Both countries are safe and easy to travel around, a good local Tanzanian TO will be able to organise a Gorilla trip in either country as part of a Tanzania safari.
    7 days in Tanzania for a safari in 7 days I would visit Tarangire in May, Ngorongoro and the Serengeti to maximise your travel time I would fly back from the Serengeti after the trip ( you can also do the Serenegti first and Tarangire last) and onto either Rwanda or Uganda and then fly home from there. Of course Rwanda or Uganda can be done before the safari.
    For a 7 days safari in May low season with really decent accommodation you should be able to get it for about US$ 400 pppn a lot depends on the room configuration sharing the 3 of you in one room (a triple ) or 2 double and a single. as this will of course affect the price.
    Example if you choose Rwanda for the Gorillas you could do something like this
    Fly to the Serengeti start your safari drive back via Ngorongoro and finish up in Tarangire
    then after a 7 day safari
    Kigali :Day 8 (could be day 7) After breakfast, easiest from Tarangire or Manyara then drive to Arusha (expected arrival time in Arusha 12h00) and onto Kilimanjaro Airport in time for your flight to Kigali from 17h00.
    o/n Kigali.
    Day 2 Transfer to Volcanoes National Park (do a museum visit if that is of interest) o/n Volcanoes National Park or very near.
    Day 3 Morning Gorilla trekking, later afternoon transfer to Kigali, drop off at the airport in time for your flight back to Kilimanjaro or where ever.

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