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Do any Tour Companies offer safaris that start from the Lake Manyara area? Most tours I see begin in Arusha. I only have 3-4 days for a safari. I’d prefer to cut out the travel time from Arusha by flying into the area if possible. If there are companies that offer safaris beginning in Lake Manyara can you give me some suggestions?

If not, does it make more sense for me to book the camp/lodge In the Lake Manyara area myself and book day trips from where I will be staying? If this is a better option, which tour companies provide day trips from this area.

I hope to see Ngorongoro and Tarangire on my safaris.


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  1. Nothing you can save instead of save money and time it will more expensive, Waiting time at airport before departure it recommended one hour but 45 minutes can work if is not busy season.Hotels most hire a car for game drive and those hotels with safari cars it will be expensive for sure!

    Well Arusha to Lake Manyara national park is 120 km drive in good road it tarmac road about 2 hours drive only.So time for waiting at airport plus check in plus arrival and departure from airport it same like drive

    Advantage of drive enjoy landscape and local daily life stlye. As Arusha to Lake manyara drive in Maasai land so you can see Maasai in daily life stlye, sometimes you can find local market on way. If time is allow you can visit. It great experience!

    Isteand of Lake manyara national park overnight I would suggest karatu; here is my suggestion itinerary:

    • Day 1:  Arusha to Tarangire overnight karatu
    • Day 2:  Karatu to ngorongoro crater tour back to Karatu
    • Day 3:  karatu to lake manyara national park overnight Arusha
    • Day 4:  Arusha town to Arusha national park walking and game drive back to Arusha as end of tour

    Better go with safari company (Tour operator).

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