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Hi everyone

We are planning to drive from Dar to Selous Kinga Lodge in October. I’ve come across some really good info in relation to the drive on these forums.

However, generally speaking, should it be relatively straightforward and risk-free to drive with a proper 4×4? My wife and I are experienced drivers but don’t have too much off-road experience.

Other than the basic precautions such as GPS, food and water, is there anything else we should think about before committing to the drive?

My main fear is some sort of break down of the vehicle in the game reserve with no signal, but perhaps I’m being a bit OTT.

In the drive out of DAR towards the reserve (the main road area) are there any safety risks we should also be aware of?


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    Unless your are an experienced 4×4 driver, know how to behave around wildlife, are a good car mechanic and speak Swahili I wouldn’t do this.

    The park is massive, no sign posts except near a lodge, very few other cars around to ask for help or directions, rough tracks, wildlife that are not that used that to seeing cars and can behave aggressively if frightened or upset, ( do you know what to do if an elephant charged your vehicle?)

    This is not like visiting the safari park at home, this is Wild Africa, treat it with respect and be sensible. There is a reason why most people use a driver and guide. Do yourself a favour and do the same, you won’t regret it.

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