Safe taxi from airport to Azam marine


I am looking for some advice about safe taxi from Julius airport to Azam Marine to catch ferry for Zanzibar. Domestic air travel is not an option as no seat is available. Are taxi offered by airlines good option and safe?How much do I expect to pay for 3 people with 2 cabin size suitcase.

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  1. Uber tax services are safe and you can contact them through their app which you can just download in your mobile phone when you arrive at the airport.

    Uber services are very cheap and are metered. They may not exceed cost of USD 20 between Airport and Azam Marine ferry offices. It may accommodate all of you with the small suite cases you have.

    There are airport shuttle taxis. Sometimes, not always, you may land into wrong hands and are a bit expensive and they may charge you arbitrarily.

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