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Hello Jonas!

I am travelling to Zanzibar in one month and I wanted to help in someway. I was thinking about taking some school material to distribute in some schools. Can you please tell me what kind of school material is more needed?

Thank you very much in advance!



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  1. Hello Vick!

    That’s great. You can bring pencils and pens. Often 10 kids share one pencil or pen. Notebooks must be of a certain format, best is if you buy those in Stone Town. Please be aware that many school principals seem to distribute the gifts to the pupils in front of the kind tourists, but these gifts are taken away from the kids after the tourists leave and are sold then in the school shop.
    Please don’t hand out the gifts to the kids directly! I suggest that you ask at your hotel for the name of the person that organizes the regular beach clean-ups in that area and then donate the pens etc to that organizer, to be then given to the kids for every bag full of plastics etc that they collected on the beach.


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