Self Drive from Kasane into Zambezi National Park


Couldnt find a forum post concerning entry into the Zambezi National Park from the Botswana Side. Can it be done ? or do I have to enter into Zambia to get to the falls. My intention is to drive through Zambezi NP. Suggestions ?

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  1. Zambezi NP is on Zimbabwean side of Zambezi river, so no way you can enter it from Zambia. And you can’t see Victoria Falls from it, its further upstream from the falls.

    If you cross from Botswana into Zimbabwe at Kazungula and drive from there to the town of Victoria Falls, then you are technically driving through Zambezi NP. That is a public road and there’s no fees to be paid to drive it through the park.

    But if you want to drive the game drives inside the park along the Zambezi river, then you must first drive to Victoria Falls, pay park entrance fees there and then enter the “real” park through the main gate there.

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