Self Drive into Ngorongoro


We are traveling through Africa in our own 4×4. Can we drive ourselves into the Ngorongoro Crater? If we need a guide, how do I get one? Is the best place to camp before hand Simba A?



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  1. Self-drive in Ngorongoro crater like any other parks like Serengeti national park or Tarangire national park or Lake Manyara do accept Self-drive where guests can hire their own safari cars and drive by themselves and enjoy the scenic view of the African wilderness by themselves without the driver-guide.

    In nutshell self drive in Ngorongoro can be very extremely excellent if the guests have been in Ngorongoro for more than once while it will be worse for the first time guests who have never been in Ngorongoro Crater! so if you haven’t, just find a guide to assist you in that part!

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