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Self-drive itinerary question



My adult Children and I are going to hire a 4 x 4 and self-drive. They are adventurous and have heard a lot about Namibia – the places on their list of “must-see” include Sesrium/Sossusvlei, Spitzkoppe, and possibly Kolmanskop. We only have a week, as I’ve added this on to the tail end of a South Africa (Mala Mala) trip and will also be spending a few nights at Hoanib prior to this adventure.

Question is, is a week enough to see these areas, and if so, what order would you drive it in? Recommended camping places? I’ve already got my eye on the Sesrium Oshana and Spitzkoppe camps. Time of travel will be next May. This will be our third time in Africa and we are looking for something a little different!

Thank you!

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  1. A week is OK for Spitzkoope and Sesriem, yet I would say Kolmanskop is too far away. Add Swakopmund (near Spitzkoope) as there are some good options for outdoor activities. In Sesriem stay within first gate to have an extra hour in the morning for Sossusvlei/Deadvlei visit.
    In Spitzkoope stay at Spitzkoope Community Restcamp; it is as basic as it gets but it will be an unforgetabble experience. Swakopmund has several good campsites, I liked Alte Brucke Camp.

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