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We are planning on landing in Arusha early morning and getting a car from Fortes. We have a week on safari, and want to combine an element of self-drive with some guided high-end safari.

We’d plan to do 3 days in Northern Serengeti at Elewana migration camp or similar, but know it’s not possible to drive there in one day from Arusha. Would therefore love to get any advice on where would be an appropriate place to stay overnight from Arusha before continuing on North the next day. We had initially identified the Chaka camp but now found out this isn’t where the map suggests during that time of year. Would it be feasible to do Arusha to South-East Serengeti in one day / Ngorogoro, then reach northern Serengeti the next day?

Other than the high-end camp in Northern Serengeti – we’re happy to stay in basic / mid-range camps or lodges, but will not be bringing own tents, etc.

Thanks a lot

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  1. I will always advice guided tour if you are coming for the first time to Tanzania!

    Northern Serengeti national park

    High end camps

    1. Maramara
    2. Kuria hill
    3. Lamai camp
    4. Serengeti bushtop


    Note:  Arusha to lobo northern Serengeti around 415 km; Maybe Arusha to central Serengeti or Ngongoro and move  then next day drive up to lobo or kongatende area!

    My suggestion would be:

    Day 1: AM drive Arusha/Ngorongoro; PM drive in the crater. Stay at Ngorongoro Serena, or if budget is a consideration, Rhino Lodge (Rhino Lodge doesn’t have a view into the crater, but it’s a nice and friendly place).
    Day 2: AM drive to the Seronera area, PM game viewing in the Seronera area. To keep it simple, you could stay at Seronera Wildlife Lodge — nobody will confuse it with the Ritz, but the architecture is stunning and the location is convenient. Or you could consider Kiota or Kati Kati (with Kati Kati, check the location, as they have a number of camps).
    Day 3: Take the full day driving north.
    No amount of looking at maps can prepare you for how taxing it is to drive yourself on those roads. Between Arusha and the Lodware entrance to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area you’ll think I’m kidding, since the road’s paved and in good shape. (But you are restricted to 80 kph and 50 kph for most of it — and you *will* get ticketed if you speed and may get pulled over anyway.) But beyond Lodware, things change in a hurry. And it’s doubly hard if you start out tired and jet-lagged.

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