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Hi- I’m doing a honeymoon in Tanzania Sept 17-29. We’re going to do Safari and Zanzibar. For Safari, we’ll leave Arusha on Sept 19 and return Sept 24. We want to do Tarangire and Ngorongoro. Is the Serengeti a good choice this time of year?

Any suggestions for the best parks/places to visit during this time would be helpful. We’re looking at midrange places in terms of budget. Thanks.


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  1. In September, most of the action is in the Masai Mara in Kenya. That said with your short time and already being in Arusha, Tarangire and the Crater can easily fit into your time. You even have time to stop in Manyara if you wish.

    19 Sep – drive to Tarangire – o/n
    20 Sep – Tarangire – o/n
    21 Sep – drive to Ngorongoro – crater tour in afternoon – o/n
    22 Sep – morning crater tour – o/n
    23 Sep – drive back to Manyara – o/n*
    24 Sep – drive to Arusha; fly to ZNZ.

    *or return to Arusha and take in some cultural activities.

    The Southern parks are lovely, but as mentioned above, getting to Selous will get you there early afternoon. The park here, the largest in Africa, deserves at minimun 3-days, even 4. Though many combine Selous w/Ruaha, you don’t really have sufficient time. But from Selous, you need only fly to DAR for flight to ZNZ (a much shorter trip -like 15-minutes).

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