Serengeti Safaris from Karatu


Is it possible to get a safari to the Serengeti from Karatu?

We are planning on arriving in Arusha in early October. I thought rather than spending a few days in Arusha to decompress, we could go to Karatu, spend a couple of nights there, and use it as a starting point for safaris to the Serengeti and Ngorogoro Crater. I read that there is a bus that you can take from Arusha. Plus, I am interested in some of the cultural sites and other things to do around there.

Is this a good idea, or should we just stay in Arusha to decompress, and them start our safari from there?

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  1. Arusha is gateway for northern Tanzania safari and several TO based in Arusha town.where you can get easier Tour operators but Karatu you can get it .

    Karatu offers different cultures tour such like coffee tour,elephants valve walk in ngorongoro forest,tribe visit,local Market, and if your interested about Hadzabe tribe you can go as day trip to lake Eyasi from Karatu.

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