Setting up your own safari package


I am in the initial phases of setting up a safari to the northern circuit in tanzania (10 days) and then 6 days in selous. I am reading on line that people are setting up their own safaris and am wondering how this works out with transportation from site to site and also who actually takes you out on safari? Do all the lodges have 2 prices? accommodation and then safari outings?

I would prefer to do this on my own as many safari places include places we arent’ that interested in like Arusha national park and Lake manyara. Any information would be appreciated and also how to fly to selous from the north one way only. Thanks so much

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    Any good tour operator will customize to only go to the places you desire to see. You don’t have to do the pre-packaged circuits. There are numerous posts here about self-drive safaris, but it’s a lot of work and coordination and potential stress, and wouldn’t likely save a whole lot of $$$. I’d suggest that you’ll be much happier with an organized tour customized to fit your needs – you pay one amount and pretty much everything is included.

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