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I’m going on the Northern Circuit Safari in December and wondered what shoes would be best at that time. I will be on a 11 day trip. There will be some light hiking. I know it could get muddy if it rains. Should I get a hiking shoe or boot? Also, it’s it better to get waterproof ones? I’ve tried on some ankle high boots and they seem a bit much but thought it might be better than a regular shoe that comes up to the ankles. Any advice is appreciated!

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  1. In December it may still be rather cool in places. I just returned last week and it was very cool in Arusha and in the bush. I always wear sandals, but if I’m out in the bush or on my farm I put on comfortable shoes.

    I wouldn’t worry about the rains too much, it won’t be that muddy if it does rain. The only thing that I would worry about on not having boots on would be a snake bite, but if you’re around where they are you’re probably where you’re not supposed to be.

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  2. JohnRussel365

    Hiking boots won’t be a clever pick for you as the way can get muddy. Considering your situation, my opinion for you is you better invest dollars on a decent pair of approach shoes. You can use the shoes anytime anywhere you want no matter whatever the condition is

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