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We have a full day in Dar Es Salaam… we will be coming from Zanzibar, and stays near Ubungo! We would like to use Saturday for Shopping, where do you think we can go for shopping?


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  1. Where to go shopping in Dar Es Salaam:

    If you just have Saturday, and you are staying near Ubungo I advice that you go in two areas:

    Mlimani City Mall

    This is the largest mall in Tanzania and it’s the first air-conditioned mall in the country. It is a one-stop shopping mall with multiple stores, banks, ATMs, supermarkets, a movie theater among others. I bought some items from the supermarket, and one of the stores in this mall and I can confidently say that the prices of commodities here are affordable. It was quite unfortunate I was not able to take pictures in the mall since I went there late in the evening.

    Kariakoo market

    This is an open air market which is at the centre of Dar es Salaam. The market is full of a buzz of activities with some people selling on the streets, others in rented stalls and others by the road. If you want to buy things at low prices when you are in this region, then this is the place to be. If you are very good at bargaining and you can act like a local, you will be able to get the best deals at friendly prices. Take care of your belonging as you walk around this market as it mostly crowded and not all people are here to buy or sell.

    Tips and hacks

    • Try to bargain as much as you can and act as if you are a Tanzanian. Traders here can take advantage and hike prices of items once they discover you are a tourist.
    • Use the Tanzanian shillings when paying as it is cheaper than using your currency.
    • Be cautious of beach boys who take advantage of female visitors and squander all their money.
    • Avoid swimming late in the evening when there are strong tides.
    • Kariakoo market is always crowded, look after your belongings carefully and avoid carrying your precious items here.
    • Dress appropriately as this is a Muslim community and hence the people here are very conservative. It is advisable to swim in a swimsuit than a bikini on the beach.


    I advice that you take a cab to Mlimani city first, may be around 8:00am or 9:00am, the cost should not be more than 10,000/- but possible to go to 5000/-! just take a cab there, but do not hold it, enjoy the shops, and you can have a lunch there! NICE Restaurants!

    After lunch, take another cab around the area to Kariakoo, the cost might be Tsh: 15,000 one way, or you can negotiate to 10.000 if you are a good negotiator, do not hold the tax, enjoy the areas, and late in the evincing catch a cab back!

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