Should we go more north in Serengeti?


Traveling at the end of September, current itinerary is 4 nights at Nasikia Mobile tented camp. Is that to many? Should we go more north for a night?

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    Nasikia migration camp will be in the northern Serengeti mara river area. It would be great if we see your full itinerary so as we can recommend what to add, what to reduce etc.

    You can spend more than 2 days in the northern Serengeti but it will depend much on the number of days you are having for the entire safaris. It is recommended you also spend some days in the central Serengeti park area, at least 2 days in the seronera area before moving to the northern Serengeti park area..

    September is among the best time to travel, i would suggest you also dont miss 2 nights in tarangire national park.

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