Sleeping bag for Marangu route


I’m doing the Kilimanjaro hike this year or early nexr year, the Marangu route, and I’d like to have my own sleeping bag. I’m going to Serengeti first and I’ll need a sleeping bag for that part of the trip as well, so I figured I might as well buy one.

I’m not sure what temperature rating bag I need for sleeping in the huts. The information I’ve found by searching mostly seems to reference sleeping in a tent in the open. My travel agent just said “bring a warm one”, which is not that exact 🙂

I’m considering the Husky Annapurna, rated extreme: -28°C, minimal: -19°C, comfort: -12°C

But I don’t want to be sweating overnight and waking up dehydrated.

If I don’t need a sleeping bag that warm then the Vaude Gamplüt 800 is my next choice, a lot more practical (you can unzip the legs so you can walk around, you can take the arms out etc) which is rated extreme -21°C, minimal -4°C, comfort 1°C

But if you guys have another suggestion for a bag please let me know. I don’t want to spend a fortune, a synthetic one will do, I just want to be warm enough on this trip and not freezing at night.


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    Take the -19c and a liner and sleep without the liner and open on safari or  you can buy a linear and then rent a sleeping bag from most tour operators. The weather on Kilimanjaro is unpredictable so it is always better to be over prepared. Enjoy the journey!

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