Snorkeling in Dar and NOT Zanzibar


In Dar Es Salaam for 3 nights November. Is there a boat/ferry to a quiet island for the day? Cost? Hours? Not a tour. Just need a safe legal ride. I have my gear. Or along a beach in the Dar coast. I dont have a car. Staying in central Dar.

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  1. For snorkeling take the ferry to Mbudya (ferry leaves from Mbezi) or Bongoyo (ferry leaves from Slipway). They’re both unoccupied little islands in the bay by Dar. It’s about a 20 minute ferry ride to get there.

    The snorkeling is going to be better at Mbudya but Bongoyo is easier to get to from the city center. You might be able to rent snorkeling equipment from Slipway but I’m not as I have never rented snorkeling equipments from there!

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