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We have 1 night in the Ngorongoro conservation area. We don t visit the crater. What is a nice special campsite? ( we like to have a private campsite if it s possible ) What s a good area? Do you have game drive tips in the area, we don t visit the crater.Can we book and pay the fees and the campsite in Karatu?


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  1. Special campsite in ngorongoro conservation area booking is advance and you need to prepare a lot, which is not practical; but there is nice public campsite for just one night is not bad.

    Like this public campsite inside is for safari vehicle and other side for over land adventure vehicles you can use that area it nice and viewing crater.if you don’t visit ngorongoro crater tour there are other crater like empakaai crater tour and olmoti crater tour for nature walking.

    Before to reach ngorongoro conservation area at karatu town make sure you get temporary card for ngorongoro entry.so you can stop at karatu town and dispost money for entry and get bank slip from there you can go to ngorongoro office at karatu town to get this temporary card and after you it you need to leave at the gate. And permit for entry ngorongoro conservation area is for 24 hours only and within this time if you want to check out and check in again in ngorongoro conservation area repay again.

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