Spending money for lake manze camp


How much cash would I need for 3 people staying 3 nights for a 2 & half day safari, it is full board so was wondering is it just evening drinks to pay for, is tea/coffee complementary, also need cash for tipping the guide, is there anything else we would need money for, would $200 cover us!

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    At Lake Manze you will have a driver and a guide. Our experience is that the drivers are as experienced if not more so than the guide and probably better at spotting the wildlife. I would therefore make sure you tip the driver at least as much as the guide. Also if you do a boat safari don’t forget to tip the boat guide as well. And if you do a walking safari there will be a ranger too. Plus of course the staff tip box for everyone else. So yes the tips do add up to quite a bit so take plenty of cash but everyone works very hard

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