Stone town rooftop restaurant for a family


We’re visting Stonetown and we’d like to enjoy a nice evening at one of the better rooftops. Any recommendations for our family of 2 adults and 3 teens (15 – 18).


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    In my experience, the rooftop restaurants I’ve been to are all formulaic. If you go to one, you feel you’ve been to them all. That said, I think they’re all an ok standard. I’ve not been to one that I’ve not enjoyed the food and I’ve never had food poisoning on the island (even though I am not fussy where I eat).

    Please do research on the following:

    • ( Great rooftop overlooking the ocean.
    • The Emerson Spice is lovely up on the roof.
    • Maru maru hotel restaurant.
    • The restaurant at Africa House

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