Stopping in Rwanda for a Gorilla Trek


We’ve been planning a trip to Kenya or Tanzania and wanted to stop in Uganda or Rwanda for a gorilla trek, and are leaning toward Rwanda. Based on some of the feedback, it seems better to do the trek at the beginning of the trip, vs. the end. Or does it matter?

Looking at flight options from the US, it seems arrivals into Rwanda are mostly early evening, which I would assume would mean we wouldn’t want to schedule a trek the next morning, but instead the 2nd full day. In Rwanda, we’d like to do the gorillas and Genocide Museum. With an arrival the first night, would it make sense to do the Genocide Museum the 1st full day and then the gorillas the second day, flying onto Kenya or Tanzania that afternoon/evening?

Is there any other attractions we should consider checking out, such as the Volcanoes NP, the day we do the Genocide Museum?


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  1. Timing wise, I don’t think it makes a huge difference. Start or end would work fine. And I think your timing is right- scheduling the trek for the second whole day makes the most sense. If you’re flying onto Tanzania (depending where) there is a direct early morning flight from Kigali to the Serengeti.
    It is pretty expensive, however if you are trekking in Rwanda (where permits are $1,500pp) and not Uganda (where they are $600, soon to be $700 pp), then I’m guessing budget is not a major issue. If you trek in Uganda there are also direct flights to the Serengeti and cheaper direct flights from Entebbe into the Masai Mara.
    Hope that helps!

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