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We are thinking of going to Zanzibar in January, with two small children(6 and 4). can anyone tell us the best hotel. They both love to swim!

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  1. Zanzibar hotels with kids clubs:

    This list has the Zanzibar resorts that have a dedicated kids clubs. This means a dedicated club room area for kids as well as a babysitting service (sometimes at extra cost).

    Essque Zalu

    This hotel has the best jetty in the island and a perfect intinity pool, with separated kids section. What tops it all is their huge kids club with a small pool and lots of activities.

    Sea Cliff Resort and Spa

    This resort is conveniently close to town and on the sunset side of the island. It has tons of activities, including golf and horse riding. Kids club and a small kiddie pool make it an easy hotel with kids.

    Baraza Resort & Spa

    Perhaps the most celebrated resort in Zanzibar, Baraza is beyond it’s 5 stars. Huge family rooms with private pools and a great kids club, the hotels offers luxury to both children and adults.

    Child-friendly Zanzibar boutique hotels

    Not willing to go to a big resort? Some of our favourite sustainable boutique hotel options are listed here. All of them offer great family rooms and a child-friendly beach, pool or playground.

    Indigo Beach

    Maybe the greatest family rooms in the island – with kids beds and super spacious terrace. There’s a small playground near the pool and direct access to the tranquile beach of Bwejuu.

    Mnarani Beach Resort

    This locally owned small resort is optimal for peace and quiet. Walking distance from Nungwi but in it’s own privacy, this hotel offers sea-view family rooms and a beach front full of hammocks and swings.

    Sunshine Hotel

    This eco-hotel offers kid-friendly pool and a play area in the restaurant. It’s directly on the beautiful Matemwe beach, where you can create the greatest sand castles out of the fine sand

    Child friendly budget hotels in Zanzibar

    Travelling the world with kids is expensive enough, and sometimes best experiences come in small packages. Zanzibar is not only about luxury resorts, it’s also about local people and playing on the beach.

    Promised Land Lodge

    This rasta style beach lodge is a great spot for relaxation. The pool deepens slowly and the reastaurant area is full of swings and hang-out spots. All rooms are built to be eco-friendly.

    Casa del Mar

    Somewhere between budget and boutique, this hotel offers lovely and spacious family rooms in the village of Jambiani. Small pool and direct  access to the beach.

    Villa Kiva

    Smallish hotel in the village of Matemwe, Villa Kiva offers nice family rooms and a pool area with a shallow end. Direct access to the white sands of the beach!

    Tamani Villa Annex

    A great hotel run by a Tanzanian NGO that provides free scooling for the kids and adults in Matemwe. Pool with separate area for small kids and no alcohol on the premises.

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