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Hello, Complements of the day to you all. I am planning a visit to Tanzania, Kenya for 2 weeks, 18 days tops. I would love to do a picture safari. Without spending too much, any advice on tour companies. Just the safari would be 3 or 4 days in total. Budget for this portion of my holidays is #9500/$10.000, not sure if it is enough or more than needed.

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  1. This is deffinetly a serious search when planning for a safari to Africa, you can compare over 10 tour companies/itineraries to find the best price for most of the value.
    It hardly depends on where to go and which level of accommodations. Of course, some operators take more profit than others.
    –For the level of accommodations, it goes like this: tent – tented camps – lodges – hotels. Increasing in price.
    – Accommodations outside of national parks are much cheaper than inside. Especially in Serengeti, they are higher priced.
    – August is a good time of the year in Tanzania (warm, no rain, migration in the north of Serengeti)
    In general, you have to consider round about $500-$550 per day for mid-range accommodation and $650-$700 per day for semi-luxury.
    So 3-4 days would be roughly $2000 for one person.
    Please note that the way into Central Serengeti takes some time. So going from Arusha to Central and then to North Serengeti (where the big migration is in August) and going back in 3-4days is nearly impossible.
    There is the option to fly back from North Serengeti to Arusha, but this will cost around $300 additionally.
    If you tell me more about what you want to see and whats your comfort level of accommodations I can help you with some prices.

  2. Don’t know about you guys, but I find such camping extremely romantic. I mean these tents in wild nature and watching the stars at night instead of TV. This is a marvelous vibe.

    • Very true, away from everything, leving the technology behind and live with the sound of nature is so romantic, welcome to Tanzania!

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