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I am going for a 6 Days Camping Safari to Tanzania – not yet decided, I would like to know; what you eat on Camping Safari, who prepares the food and where is it eaten?

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  1. Evening meals and breakfasts tend to be prepared in camp by qualified cooks and you can choose to eat on the porch of the tent or under the stars. We will provide mobile safari chairs and tables. Lunches are usually on the go and tend to be packed lunches!

    All meals are a balanced diet which will be discussed between you and your tour operator before starting a safari (beef and chicken are favourites although lamb, goat, fish and vegetarian options can also be discussed with the staff during the safari brief) and although rice, potato or spaghetti dishes are the most popular you’ll have the opportunity to try a couple of local delicacies too, no trip to East Africa would be complete without sampling Ugali or Chapati.

    There’ll be no shortage of fresh vegetables and fruits that are in season and are served at all meal times. A typical breakfast meal includes bread, sausages, eggs, fruit and juices as well as tea/coffee/hot chocolate. Most tour operators provide bottled drinking during the entire trip.

    Most tour operators are also able to accommodate special dietary requirements at no extra cost although it is good to give information to your operator well in advance!

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