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We (family of 4, with 2 sons 22 and 25 years) are planning a trip to Tanzania in June/July for 2 weeks, and are trying to decide were to go. We will spend some days at Zanzibar. Have heard that the North is great (SerengetiNgorongoro), but the number of tourists and cars are great to. In the South (RuahaMikumiSelous) we have heard the number of tourists and cars are smaller, but will the wildlife and safari experience be as good as in the North?

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  1. If you fly into Ruaha the safari experience is just as good as the North (except for Rhino) and easier to see wild dogs. Ruaha is large with a terrific variety of wildlife. Selous has the river so the cruise can add a different dimension. Selous’s willdife can be harder to spot than both Ruaha and the North.

    It depends if you want a more wilderness safari, less people and wildlife sometimes more difficult to spot.

    The good thing about the North is the parks are close together and the wildlife is more easily seen that the South. With Ngorongoro especially this is so but as you quiet rightly notice so are the people, no where as crowded as the Masai Mara can but you can move away from the popular areas and be on your own

    June – July is busy especially for the wildebeest migration which should be in the West.

    If seeing the migration is not an issue then I would fly into Dar es Salaam and visit the South. Udzungwa is beautiful but you have to drive there , the landscape on a drive between Selous and Ruaha is amazing if you choose that way, by driving you can also visit Ismilia a beautiful stone age site.

    The other option preferred by many is to fly into Selous then Ruaha and stay at one of the camps and do game drives with the camp guide and vehicles.

    Driving and flying is both an option it just depends if you want to only focus on only the two main parks then fly if you have other interests then I would drive. But seeing as you have asked obviously you are concerned about the crowds so head South for something a bit different.

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