Tanzania Safari for seniors


We would like to book a safari in Tanzania that accommodates seniors that use lodges for a base camps and vehicles that are fairly easy to enter. The trip would be in mid November 2020 for 8 to 10 days. Not looking for luxury safari just comfortable and economical.

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    When you say Seniors how old do you mean. I find safaris easy for people of any age even those with medical issues. Plan it properly and make sure you do what you want to do listen to advice from the Tour Operators but at the end of the day it is your trip. Most tour operators will cater for all ages so email a few and see what they say tell them exactly what you want.

    All ages find Land-cruisers used for the drive in safaris easy to get in and out of, but they will provide a step stool if needed. The open sided safari vehicles used more commonly in the camps have different types of steps/rungs, and some are easier access than others. I would just mention your needs and ask questions as you are making plans.

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