Tanzania Safari Itenerary review


Tanzania Safari Itenerary review

I’m looking at a 4 day safari (5 days for flight leaving evening) which includes the Serengeti and Ngorongoro areas.  The below itenerary leavesLake Manyara  National Park out, is this the good idea?

Since time is a limitation, I’ve gotten a quote from one of the recommended tour operators with one way flight to the Serengeti, and drive back to Arusha.

Tanzania Safari Itenerary review

Day 1: Fly from Arusha to Serengeti. Game drive and overnight at Seronera Wildlife Lodge. (Optional Lamai Wedge Camp)

Day 2: Full day game drive and overnight at Seronera Wildlife Lodge. (Optional Lamai Wedge Camp)

Day 3: Last day game drive in Serengeti. Packed lunch and en-route to Ngorongoro. Overnight at Ngorongoro Wildlife Lodge.

Day 4: Ngorongoro Crater 6hrs drive. Head to Tarangire in late afternoon and overnight at Tarangire Safari Lodge or SOPA Lodge.

Day 5: Tarangire National Park game drive. Leave for departure at Kilimanjaro airport for evening flight.


Are the accommodations ok Location wise and the National parks?  We are looking for moderately price with good value? any other better alternatives?

Is Serena > SOPA > Seronera? And would it be cheaper to stay at tented camps vs lodges? Is there a serious difference between the Lordes and tented Camps?

What else can I do to reduce price? can I get a group? should I opt to drive in and out and leave out flying in? because I belive that this will attract a lot of cot?

Is Tarangire a must see National Park? the fact that I have limited time, and on budget, should I force to see it or I can leave out and concentrate only on Serengeti and Ngorongoro?

Finally, is it recommended to fly to Serengeti and drive back to Arusha, or drive to Serengeti and fly back?



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  1. I think we need more information to be able to advice, Can you give us an idea of the time of year you will be travelling as this will affect the choice of some of the Accomodation. I think Wildlife lodges are the cheapest options of the ones you mention. I would prefer the Sopa at the Crater.
    Also I would chose TSL over the Sopa at Tarangire becaue of Location, as well as the distance!
    Accomodation varies considerably in price. Basic camping will be cheapest. Luxury tents will be very expensive, much more than the lodges you mention.
    You need to tell us the price quoted per person for us to say if it is good value for money and also the number of people travelling and the time of year. I would get quotes from about 6 TO to compare prices and suggested itineraries.

    Flying one way is good given your time restraints. Up to you which way you prefer. It may depend on the times of the flights as to which is best.

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