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I have been given a choice by my safari operator of staying at either Tarangire Sopa Lodge or Tarangire Safari Lodge. Which is the better option (in late December)? Another option is Swala lodge at an extra US$140 p.p.p.n.

In central Serengeti I have the choice beween the Sopa and Serena lodge at minimal cost difference. Which should I choose?

Finally, in southern Serengeti I have the choice between Ndutu Lodge or Kusini for an extra US290 p.p.p.n. Is Ndutu o.k. as the difference is quite large?

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  1. Tarangire Safari Lodge is infinitely better than the other option.., its a tented camp where you have a large and spacious tent with bathroom in the back.. and some rooms also!

    They have a great pool, and sometimes I have stayed there and the elephants have walked straight in…I also have hear lions up very close to the tents at night…

    The view into the waterhole is amazing..Sopa is just another big hotel and you could be anywhere…location is not as good as Tarangire Safari lodge!

    Ndutu is not actually in the Serengeti its actually inside Ngorongoro Conservation Area..saying that I love Ndutu and if your lucky enough to stay at Ndutu in December then you will most probably witness the migration which will be in this area..
    I am really surprised that you can get in…last Xmas day 1 million wildebeest where in the vicinity of Ndutu safari Lodge…the rooms are very nice, service is excellent and you couldn’t wish for a better experience..have a look at their website..many times I have clients spend weeks at Ndutu, especially photographers…

    Definitely go for Ndutu and Tarangire Safari Lodge!


  2. I will also vote for Tarangire safari lodge as among the best location for wildlife viewing. Sopa has also good accommodations but a bit away from the game drives area. Tarangire safari lodge is just along the tarangire river which support big life of wildlife in the park. At their deck you can enjoy game viewing down the river and sometimes animals roam around the lodge throughout the day. if you dream to enjoy much of your time watching animals, let you stay at tarangire safari lodge but if you are looking for more comfy accommodations, sopa is an option.

    Karibu Tanzania,

  3. For ndutu plain area I would much vote for Ndutu lodge. It is in nice location and good quality while kusini is more high quality but in a different location.  Wildlife wiewing is good around ndutu lodge. Serengeti sopa is good location, unless you tell us the second option you are given so as we can help you to compare.

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