Taveta border from Kenya to Tanzania


I’m planning to hire a driver in Nairobi and work my way through some parks on the way to Mt Kilimanjaro. It seems Taveta would be the closest border crossing from where we’ll be in Kenya. I’ve read about how easy the Namanga crossing is to obtain a visa and cross. Does this hold true for the Taveta border crossing as well?

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  1. Taveta is one of the new style ‘one stop’ border points where both countries share the same building. This makes it easy to cross. Last year it took us less than 45 minutes.
    It’s the same process as Namanga so quite straightforward. But you may need to show your yellow fever vaccination certificate to enter Tanzania. Be sure you have exact change… it is likely Immigration won’t have change and there are no banks in the are that can break a $100.
    “Be aware that your Kenyan registered car will not be permitted to enter TZ parks for game drives”

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